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Each year, 80% of runners are sidelined due to injury or pain resulting from running, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The main reason so many people get injured is they run or walk with a form that is out of balance. When we run as our bodies are designed, most of us can continue to run long into old age.

It’s as simple as this…

Imbalanced form + repetition + time = Pain, then injury

But it could be like this…

Balanced form => Run and remain active for the rest of your life

For most of us, it began in our teenage years or even earlier when, influenced by cultural models, we changed how we sat, stood and moved. This threw our musculoskeletal systems out of balance.

Take, for example, the hip joint. If the hip is not properly aligned in the hip socket, when you run there will be wear-and-tear on the joint. However, if it tracks as designed, you should be able to use the joint for a lifetime.

The Long May U Run Form Clinics teach you how to align your skeleton when running and in everyday life. When we learn how to move and run as our bodies are designed – fluid, efficient and with ease – we can continue to run and be active.

Please join us at a Long May U Run Form Clinic where you will:

  • learn how to balance your posture in everyday activities such as sitting, standing and bending (these activities impact your running)
  • re-learn how to run as you were born to run – with ease, fluidity and joy
  • practice what you learn under the guidance of biomechanist and Long May U Run founder Mary Williams

Long May You Run: Running Clinic

In this four-session series, we’ll apply the principles of a balanced posture to your running form. You will learn to run with ease, as your body is designed.

Long May U Run will take you, step-by-step, through a process to rebuild your running form. At each session, you will learn the concepts, practice simple-to-follow techniques and exercises to help reinforce what you’ve learned, and apply them to running.

One – Running: It begins with the spine
Two – Wiggle it… just a little bit. (The pelvis)
Three-  The role of the legs… it’s not what you think
Four – Putting it all together (the arms, head, and running form as a whole)

Video analysis of your running form is available prior to or after each session, and must be scheduled in advance. Weeken

To register for an upcoming Running Clinic, click here.

Long May You Run: Walking Clinic

In this 4-session series, you will learn how to balance your body both when you are walking and in other daily activities. Each week we will discuss a new aspect to balancing your form, learn a new exercise designed to help you implement the new information and practice your walking form.

To register for an upcoming Walking Clinic, click here.

About the instructor…

Mary Williams, MSEd, CPE, is a biomechanist, wellness consultant/coach and running enthusiast. She developed the balanced running technique after being sidelined by early symptoms of arthritis in her hip. Mary now understands that, with proper form and a reasonable approach to training, we can all run and remain active long into old age.

20 comments so far

  1. Stacy on

    Where? City/State?

    • Mary Williams on

      Stacy, this first one is in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, an hour from the gulf, but will be offering future clinics in other areas of the country. Do you think San Diego would be a good place for them?

  2. Stacy on

    San Diego would be an AMAZING place for them. We have a huge population of runners (and triathetles) that live and train here bcz of the fantastic year-round weather.

    • Mary Williams on

      That sounds great! Would you be interested in helping to coordinate or sponsor a LMUR clinic there?

  3. Theresa Erickson on

    Where is the meeting on Saturday, November 13, 2010, from 8am to noon???

    • Mary Williams on

      Theresa – we’ll meet at the entrance to the Payne Center at USM. We’ll start inside in a meeting room, then go outside to the track for practical work.
      Hope you can come!

  4. Beth on

    Interesting information here, exciting! Any chance of clinics near South Bend, IN or SW Michigan? Or any chance that you have a colleague in our area that teaches or holds similar clinics?

    • Mary Williams on

      Beth, I would love to. I’m a native Chicagoan, so am in your general area in the summer.

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  7. armstrongpodnsportshealth on

    How about a clinic in Raleigh, NC? I would love to sponsor one if possible!

    • Mary Williams on

      That would be great – I’d love to! I used to live in Chapel Hill and love the area. Let’s talk.

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  13. Brendan Rodrigus on

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  14. Kay Harris on

    The workshop has just passed 3/27?? Is there another coming up?
    P.S. Saw you this morning on my walk with my dog.

    • Mary Williams on

      Hi Kay!

      Just a reminder that the Long May U Run workshop is this Monday, the 16th, from 5:30pm – 7:00. I think I had said 6:00 to you, but there was a slight room availability shift.

      Hope you can come! I hear that Bee Gee may be coming with you – great!


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