Get all of the air you need while running

Running tip: Most people do something called ‘reverse breathing’. Our culture has told us to suck in our stomach and push out our chests. The problem with this is we are left with reduced lung volume and other musculoskeletal imbalances.

Notice how a baby breathes… the belly is relaxed and expands with each inhalation. The diaphragm muscle at the base of the lungs is designed to contract by pulling downward, creating a negative pressure that pulls air into expanded lungs.

Try this the next time you run… relax your abdominals and pull your diaphragm downward and let your lungs fill. No need to deliberately exhale, simply stop contracting your abdominals and the air will flow out of your lungs.


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  1. […] and notice if your breath is shallow or deep. Then, take control by deliberately taking a deep diaphragmatic breath, followed by a slow, steady exhale. As you exhale, notice any tight or painful muscles, and […]

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