Taking a break can be the best thing for your running

I finally got myself out the door this morning, after a long trip, and am reassessing my current running objectives with ‘fresh eyes’. After a two-day journey (via train, planes and automobiles!), followed by five days of hiking mountains in Colorado, two more days of driving, three days of a family gathering in Yellowstone, then four long days in the car, I arrived home thoroughly exhausted. It took three more days to recover and get back to my more typical energy levels, unpack and get things back in order, and catch up on my sleep. So, today, I finally got back out the door. It was simply a mild 2-mile walk, just enough to get my body moving again and loosen up my joints.

On this walk, I considered what my exercise plans would be for the remaining hot, humid days of summer. I considered pushing through and getting back into my former running schedule, dropping back to running one morning mile each day, or retreating to something completely different such as kickboxing, boot camp, swimming or strength training.

One aspect I enjoyed about this morning’s walk was just being outside in a (relatively) pleasant time of the day. I’m not much of a gym person, always preferring the outdoor air and varied scenery, though there is certainly a time and a place for an indoor workout. Another aspect I enjoyed was listening to a book that I downloaded to my iPod last night. While walking this morning, taking in the breeze, listening to a story being read to me, and having no particular plan or goal, I found myself wondering, “Why isn’t this enough?”

So, for now at least, I’m not going to worry about any schedules or training plans or goals. I’ll get up every morning, get outside and move. If I want to add something else, like a kickboxing class or a swim or maybe some weights, I will, not because it’s scheduled or required for an upcoming event, but because that’s just what I choose at that time.

I do have one race coming up, a 5k in Chicago in September, the day before we help our son move into his new dorm room as he heads off to college. As I talked with several non-runner family members, I thought about how it might be nice to walk this one. More family members will likely join us if walking is an option and it is always a pleasure to take a fall walk along Lake Michigan. As the t-shirts at the Crescent City Classic 10K read, ‘It’s not like you’re going to win anyway!’ While they were suggesting Jello shots, I’ll instead apply the principle to walking – taking some time off from running, listening to some books on my pod, going with the flow and being rested and ready for the fall running season.

And remembering that the most important thing is to move, to be active, to get out the door and do something!


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  1. hotshot bald cop on

    My thoughts exactly!

  2. hotshot bald cop on

    Well put from an important blogger

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