Back in the saddle again…

After a few weeks off of running, I got up early this morning to run again, and I’m happy to say that all went very well. It was very satisfying to learn that I didn’t have to start over again, as I’d feared, but instead had a very pleasant run.

I remember a golf game years ago. Everyone else approached the game very competitively, but I hadn’t played in a very long time, and was in my years of having “a bad back”. So, my expectations were low and my swing quite non-aggressive. And I played one of the best games of my life. It is interesting to notice how trying too hard can sometimes interfere with performance.

I suspect in the golf game that it had more to do with relaxed muscles that led to a fluid swing. As for this morning’s run, I think I benefited from the break. I felt more rested than I have felt for awhile and I didn’t feel any pressure at all to run a certain distance or pace.

And even though I enjoy running races and the challenge and camaraderie they bring, there is something wonderfully simple about a low expectation, easy-breezy run.


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