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Running Form Tips

In running and especially distance running, form is vitally important. The adage goes that you should first focus on form, then repetition (distance), and then speed. It just makes sense that you want your body to be properly aligned when running so that you will lessen the wear and tear on your body, prevent muscle imbalance and run most effectively (and enjoyably!)

Here are three basic concepts that are important for every runner to understand before amping up their training. Continue reading


Running Clinic Itinerary – Fourth Session Added!

Hattiesburg Long May You Run Series Itinerary  (Mondays, 6-7pm)

May 9 – Videotape each participant on the treadmill; workshop. LiveWell Center

May 23 – Review individual running forms; workshop. USM track by the Payne Center

June 6 – Workshop session #3.  USM track by the Payne Center

June 20 – Workshop session #4.  USM track by the Payne Center
*** Additional date added ****

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