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Bring Long May U Run Clinics and Workshops to your Community! – Weekend running form clinics are a great way to immerse in understanding and modifying your running form. Clinics cover balanced posture while running and in your daily life (which affects running), practical techniques to reinforce concepts and video analysis and review with Long May U Run founder and biomechanist Mary Williams, MSEd, CPE. Contact Mary to bring a LMUR Form Clinic to you!

Video Form Analysis – Send us a video of you running and we’ll analyze it and send you suggestions on how you can improve your form. $79.00. Click here to order or to request information.

Individual Session – Have Mary work with you one-on-one to teach you how to rebuild your running form the Long May U Run way! Contact Mary to schedule.

mp3 Downloads A simple way to learn LMUR principles. Download the mp3 to your iPod and listen on your next run, on your drive home or whenever and wherever is most convenient for you!

  • LMUR Lesson #1. Running is a SPINAL activity – How to let your spine take the lead and get the rest of your body out of the way. $19.95. Click here for more information.
  • More mp3 downloads coming soon!

Long May U Run is always looking for ways to share what we’ve learned about running with anyone who wants to learn how to run, with good mechanics, for the rest of their lives. If you have any suggestions on how we can do that better, please send us an email (marywlms@comcast.net) with your ideas!

Stop by again for more updates, products and events!

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